Service Announcement

In order to meet the needs of customers better.MED-LINKET up hold the principle of ‘’a full range,high quality,fast ‘’service standards,customer satisfaction as the goal,to the public commitment.
1、Product quality commitment
①Product manufacturing and testing are in line with national standards
②Products are tested in a professional testing personnel,to meet the needs of customers.
③If there is any quality problem during the warranty period,the products we provide can be repaired and inspected again.

2、Delivery commitment:We ensure that the provided products are sent to the designated place according to customer’s request,if you have special requirements,need to delivery the goods in advance,we can negotiate together,make sure that your needs are met on time.

3、If any problem (including appearance damage) is found after unpacking the goods provided by the supplier, it shall be solved in a manner acceptable to the user: timely maintenance, replacement and exchange for brand-new products

4、During the warranty period,the same equipment and quality problem still can't normal use after three times maintenance,we promise to replace with brand new equipment, the same model,and the quality of the products implement "3 guarantees" service. In addition to the warranty period, the replacement and maintenance of equipment will only be charged for spare parts, not for manual technology and services.