Veterinary Blood Pressure Monitor

Veterinary Blood Pressure Monitor (1)
  • Veterinary Blood Pressure Monitor (1)
  • Veterinary Blood Pressure Monitor (1)
  • Veterinary Blood Pressure Monitor (1)
  • Veterinary Blood Pressure Monitor (1)
  • Veterinary Blood Pressure Monitor (1)

Short Description:

  • Product Name:: Veterinary Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Brand: : Medlinket
  • Order Code: : ESM303(with Bluetooth function)
  • Measurement Mode:: single measurement, continuous measurement, with an interval of 2 minutes
  • Applicable Animals: : large animals, small animals
  • OEM/ODM: : Yes
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    In view of the inaccurate measurement of small animals’ pulse due to pulse faintness, measurement failure due to animal tremor and restlessness, the trouble of shaving for accurate measurement and the impossibility of forming trend records based on single point measurement and so on, Medlinket independently designed and developed ESM303 veterinary blood pressure monitor.

    It can measure the blood pressure of animals of different sizes easily and quickly without anesthetics or shaving, protecting pets from being frightened. It enables animals to enter into the measurement status quickly with one-button operation and intelligent pressurization without any noise, providing veterinarians with efficient and convenient blood pressure testing equipment.



    Blood Pressure Measurement Range: 0mmHg~280mmHg (0kPa3~7.33kPa)
    Pulse Measurement Range: 0~300 times/min
    Measurement Accuracy: Static pressure ±3 mmHg (±0.4 kPa), Pulse ± 5%
    Cuff Specifications: (standard configuration) One for each of the five specifications specialized for animal cubs; (optional) Small animal cuff, large animal cuff
    Display Screen: 4.3 inch TFT screen
    Weight /Dimension: about 1387g, L*W*H:178*146*168(mm)
    Power: DC 9.0V (standard configuration: power adapter;rechargeable 8000mAh lithium battery)

    Application scenario: pet hospital, pet shelter, Pet Institute, family

    Veterinary Blood Pressure Monitor (5)

    Medlinket Veterinary Blood Pressure Monitor Features:
    Accurate and reliable: unique movement-tolerance technology, depressurization measurement, anti-jitter function
    Small and Large Animals: automatically distinguish small and large animals according to their weights
    Multiple modes: multiple measurement modes including single, continuous, 2 minutes/time measurement
    Comfortable and durable: soft TPU cuff, more comfortable and sensitive than traditional rubber cuff
    Silent measurement: intelligent mute pressurization, enabling silent broadcast and protecting pets from being frightened
    Multilingualism: support for switching between Chinese, English and Russian
    Overall monitoring: pulse, systolic, diastolic, and mean pressure, and trend charts, enabling understanding of all indicators of pets
    APP Application: Mobile APP manipulation with intelligent analysis and guidance
    Long standby time: large-capacity battery enables ultra-long standby time
    Easy to carry: built-in lithium battery, no external power supply required, easy to move during measurement process 

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