R & D innovation

"The world's leading specialist for getting and transferring life signals, and becoming an indispensable part of human health" is the vision for Med-linket. We,Med-Linket, To use human health as a personal business, bettering endeavor.

Since established,Med-Linket has spends more than 10% of its annual sales on research and development.Through Fourteen years of intensive work, developed the "blood oxygen noninvasive measurement technology", became the fourth world to break the blood oxygen measurement precision enterprise.Results-oriented team, MED-linket has more than 50 professional team, won 25 patents, 7 software copyrights. Support for product development and production, in 2007, established the industry's first class 100,000 clean workshop assembly line and the industry's first mold shop and wire shop, for researchers to establish independent test lab.

We always adhere to science and technology are the first productive forces, constantly improve the quality and efficiency of medical device research and development production levels.

R & D innovation

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