Quality Control

Thoroughly tempered Med-Linket Quality——Super performance, high tolerance

We always adhere to science and technology are the first productive forces, constantly improve the quality and efficiency of medical device research and development production levels.

Med-Linket in shenzhen and shaoguan has a total area of more than 7000 square meters of manufacturing plants. In 2007, set up the industry’s first 100000 clean workshop level set of line and has their first molding tool workshop and wire workshop, give the maximum to meet customer production requirements.

Each of Med-Linket product are required to undergo a international standards rigorous testing before Shipment.


Strict quality inspection and testing procedures

plug experiment                                    Waterproof experiment

>3000times                                              Up to waterproofing grade standard

Temperature Cycling test                      Bending Lifetime Testing

-40°C~80℃                                              20000 times


We do design verification and testing such as: bending, tensile and compression limit, signal integrity, high pressure resistance test, environment test: restriction of hazardous substance testing, electroplating composition ,corrosion resistance test etc in the process of design & production.

  • Strict testing
    Strict testing
  • Quality inspection
    Quality inspection
  • Safe Production
    Safe Production
  • Certification

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