FDA cleared Pulse Oximeter

Short Description:

  • Brand Name: Medlinket
  • Order Code: 511602001
  • Certification: FDA 510(k) Number: K202743
  • OEM/ODM: yes
  • Measurement Parameters: SpO2, Pulse, Perfusion Index, Plethysmograph
  • Product Detail


    Product Tags

    Product Name: Pulse Oximeter

    Measuring Accuracy:
    SpO2: 90%-99%, ±2%; 70% to 89%, ±3%
    Pulse rate: ±3bpm


    Product Features:

    1、The prompt upper and lower limits of blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate can be set, and the prompt will be given automatically if the limit is exceeded;
    2、Switchable between displays, optional waveform interface and large character interface;
    3、Patented algorithm, accurate measurement under weak perfusion and jitter;
    4、OLED display, no matter day or night, can display clearly;
    5、Low power, long battery life, low use cost.


    Medlinket, with 17 years of experience as a medical manufacturer, specializes in providing vital signs and health solutions, and can provide OEM/ODM services according to your needs. If you need more information, please feel free to contact us: marketing@medxing.com