According to NHK 6.8, a nurse in Kyoto, Japan, misread the blood oxygen saturation level leading to the death of a patient with a new crown who was not treated in time.

What is oxygen saturation?

Oxygen saturation (SpO2) can accurately reflect the body’s oxygenated hemoglobin status, evaluate the degree of oxygenation, understand the body’s oxygen supply, and provide timely and accurate information for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Oxygen saturation is one of the important physiological parameters.


Medlinket Temperature and Pulse Oximeter

This shows the importance of oximetry in clinical monitoring. If that nurse does not make a reading error in monitoring and detects an abnormality in oxygen saturation, the patient can be sent to the hospital in time for clinical intervention to save the patient’s life.

During the epidemic, most of the patients with minor illnesses are self-monitoring their oxygen saturation using a portable finger clip oximeter.


The temperature and pulse oximeter produced by Medlinket is small, low energy consumption, easy to use, and also has a smart Bluetooth function, which can be shared with one click and connected to cell phones and PCs, making it easy for family members and doctors to monitor temperature, pulse, and oxygen saturation remotely, which can reduce such misinterpretations that occur in Japanese nurses.

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