Meixinjian tube, ecg detector for people

 Warm tips:

Us in the face of multiple diseases, there is a need for a home fast electrocardiographs, when we are home to the old man, children, friends, family, and so on again in the face of the body suddenly not timely monitoring at any time, which can quickly measuring timely for condition monitoring, found that the illness to go to a doctor, so as to achieve early detection early treatment can also advance the effect of preventing disease, then what is the crowd for electrocardiographs, necessary to introduce the below?

Heart disease often have sudden and transient characteristics, when a lot of in patients with heart disease incidence, due to not be in hospital to record the electrocardiogram (ecg) at the time, and in the hospital often are in normal condition, so that testing is not the cause of the disease, and thus have an easy to use, can carry electrocardiographs, at the time of feeling unwell immediately for testing, timely capture the heart and heart rate abnormal waveform, and automatic storage.
The application of ecg detector is as follows:
1. Diabetic patients: diabetes can lead to the formation of early atherosclerosis of arteries, coronary artery disease, and coronary heart disease. Eighty percent of diabetics end up dying of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Diabetics over 45 die of heart disease 10-20 times more often than non-diabetics.
2. People who are lack of exercise: people who are lack of exercise often fail to cope with the need of physical conditions and sudden dangers when they encounter emergencies.
3. People who smoke for a long time or drink too much: the composition of smoke can cause damage to heart blood vessels, causing blood vessels to develop cracks, and fat or cholesterol will accumulate. People who smoke are 2.5 times more likely to develop cardiovascular disease. And the myocardial damage caused by drinking a lot of alcohol for a long time leads to a variety of arrhythmias and symptoms of cardiac insufficiency.
4. People with family history of heart disease: those with family history of heart disease have a higher proportion of heart disease, the incidence rate of male patients is 2.6 times that of normal people, and the incidence rate of female patients is 2.3 times that of normal people.
5. Hypertension patients: if there is hypertension for a long time without attention, it will cause cerebral hemorrhage and sudden death. People with high blood pressure are 5 to 7 times more likely to develop heart disease than normal people.
6. People with high blood fat and cholesterol: if there is a large amount of fat and cholesterol in the blood all the time, they will accumulate continuously in the blood vessels, causing the blood vessels to narrow and the rate of wear and tear of the heart will increase exponentially.
7, excessive fat person (especially abdomen type fat) : the person of bad blood lipids disease, fat easily trigger hypertension, diabetic, insulin-impedance syndrome group, these undesirable effect, make its influence in arteriosclerosis not allow to ignore.

Inside the home in our life, hard to avoid can have some of these conditions, ecg monitor can be in the future life, for us to avoid the us because the little things in daily will go to the clinic to disease, or even went to the hospital, if home prepared electrocardiographs, can be aimed at home in people with diabetes, lack of exercise, and long-term smoking or excessive drinking, have a family history of heart disease, hypertension, obese people these conditions, suggest you look beautiful heart public health pipe micro letter, encounter problems can be solved quickly, your mobile health management solution