Meixin intelligent red outer ear thermometer
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Advantages of meixin intelligent red outer ear thermometer:
1. Quickly measure the temperature and finish it in one second.
2. Medical sensor, safe and free of radiation.
3. Infrared temperature measurement technology, accurate value.
4. Ear frontal temperature, body temperature and environment temperature can be measured.
5. Three-color LED lamp, high fever, sound and light alarm.
Ergonomic probe, soft and comfortable measurement.
7. Bluetooth transmission function, remote family concern.
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Temperature measurement by ear thermometer:
Ear temperature is more accurate than human body temperature measurement to reflect human core temperature. The human ear membrane is adjacent to the hypothalamus, the temperature control center of the brain. Medical studies have shown that the accuracy of ear temperature as a proxy for body temperature exceeds that of the mouth and armpits. Because the ear is closest to the hypothalamus, the part of the brain that regulates body temperature, the tympanic membrane and hypothalamus have the same blood source. The temperature changes in the body of a hao. At the same time, there is a closed cavity in the ear, and the temperature of the ear is affected by the outside world. These characteristics of ear temperature make it possible to measure body temperature by measuring ear temperature.
Principle of measuring temperature of ear thermometer:
1. Electronic ear thermometer is a daily invention derived from the moon landing technology. It can detect the infrared energy through a device like a camera lens. The technology was originally used to monitor the birth of stars in space.
2. The electronic ear thermometer USES an infrared sensor that only reflects the sensitive infrared wavelength of human body, so that when measuring temperature, it can inhibit the infrared ray of natural light and other light sources, thus improving the anti-interference ability.
Matters needing attention
1. In the new environment, it will take 30 minutes to use.
2. This kind of red outer ear thermometer is equipped with a disposable cleaning sheath, which can prevent contact cross-infection. Users should not try to save trouble by not replacing the protective sheath.
3. The ear canal should not be placed for too long.
4. Don’t have too much ear wax.
5. The body temperature of the newborn is fairly even, so it is not necessary to insert the probe too deep.
6. Gently put the ear thermometer probe into the appropriate tightness, about 1-2 cm, and aim at the eardrum. Don’t overdo it.
7. When repeated measurement, the interval should not be too short. After several measurements, the maximum value was taken as the ear temperature measurement.
8. For children under the age of 1, the external ear should be pulled behind the ear during measurement. For adults over 1 years of age, the ear should be pulled up and behind the ear to straighten the ear canal.

Be sure to install the probe cover.
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