May 4, 2017, the third Shenzhen International Mobile Health Industry Fair opened in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, the exhibition focused on the Internet + medical care / health, covering four major themes of mobile health care, medical data, smart pension and medical e-commerce, attracting hundreds of well-known exhibitors such as Dongruan Xikang, Medxing, Lanyun Medical, Jiuyi 160, Jingbai etc.

With gradual deepening of Internet + medical and health care, Medxing – as a leading brand in mobile health care management in China under Shenzhen Med-linket Medical Electronics Corp., in line with innovation and subversion in traditional medical system and intelligent new technology, shining in this fair and attracted great attention from people who focus on internet medical health care.

In this mobile medical health care fair, we displayed following products: health management suits, smart watches, smart sphygmomanometer, fall down alarm, finger oximeter, sphygmomanometer etc, with their characteristics of portability, practicability, accuracy, rapidity & APP Bluetooth wireless transmission etc, caused visitors’ great interests.

Medxing smart watch attracted foreign friends to experience it on-site with its real-time monitoring to record more comprehensive health data (heart rate, blood oxygen, ECG, body temperature monitoring) plus an external portable ECG monitoring probe (3 leads monitoring mode is with the same working principle as 12 leads working in hospital). In addition, Medxing smart watch is with sweeter health care guardian by recording movement step, sedentary reminder, sleep monitoring and so on.

Additionally, with the gradual subversion of traditional pension mode to smart pension, in line with the development trend of mobile health care management, Medxing fell down alarm stands out with its wearable equipment, internet of things, large data and cloud computing and other advanced technologies:

Medxing fall down alarm provides 24 hours constant real-time remote intelligent monitoring for the old living alone, automatically alarming when falling down, live voice & a key emergency call for help, sweet sedentary reminder plus a pluggable phonecard to realize GPS/LBS position, it makes children to guard their parents remotely.

Medxing commits to mobile health management solutions, with internet large data and through auxiliary diagnosis and active health management, to provide people with personalized precise diagnosis and intelligent health management.