The important role of oximetry in clinical monitoring

During clinical monitoring, timely evaluation of oxygen saturation status, understanding of the body’s oxygenation function and early detection of hypoxemia are sufficient to improve the safety of anesthesia and critically ill patients; early detection of SpO2 drop can effectively reduce the unexpected mortality in the perioperative and acute periods.


Therefore, as a blood oxygen probe connecting the body and monitoring equipment, accurate monitoring of oxygen saturation is crucial and provides a strong support to ensure patient safety.

How to choose the right finger clip probe?

In the monitoring process, the fixation or not of the probe is also one of the elements that need to be paid attention to in clinical work. The common finger clip probe is commonly used in clinical practice, but due to the symptoms of critical patients’ unconsciousness or irritability, the probe can be easily loosened, dislodged or even damaged, which not only affects the monitoring results, but also increases the workload for clinical care.

Medlinket’s adult finger clip oxygen probe is ergonomically designed to be comfortable and firm and not easily dislodged, reducing the burden on health care workers and patient discomfort, which is a good solution to this problem.


Medlinket produces adult finger clip oximetry probes, pulse oximetry probes that measure oxygen saturation using the photoelectric volumetric tracing method, which are based on the principle that the amount of light absorbed by arterial blood varies with the pulsation of the artery. They have the significant advantages of being non-invasive, simple to operate, and can be continuous in real time, and can reflect the oxygenation of the patient’s blood in a timely and sensitive manner.


Medlinket adult finger clip oxygen probe features:

1.Elastic silicone probe, drop resistant, scratch resistant and longer service life.

2.Seamless design of the silicone pad of the photoelectric sensor and the shell, no dust deposition, easier to clean.

3.ergonomic design, more fitting fingers, more comfortable to use.

4.both sides and back with shading structure design, reduce ambient light interference, blood oxygen monitoring more accurate.