Excelsior Med-linket got European Union CE certifications for Oximeter,sphygmomanometer,ear thermometer and grounding pad.

The Oximeter,sphygmomanometer,ear thermometer and grounding pad independently researched & developed by Shenzhen Med-linket Corp. passed EU CE tests successfully and got CE certifications. This means this series products of Med-linket obtained fully recognition of Europe market, and with our constantly kept high standard & technology central concept, Med-linket expands its international market further.


                       Part of CE certification              Products passed CE certification this time

During decades of Med-linket founded, all series of our products got certifications of FDA, CFDA, CE, FCC, Anvisa & FMA and our business spreads more than 90 countries & regions all over the world

Look ahead, Med-linket will always specialize in medical equipment  area with high standard & technology and bring more people all over the world with convenient services from Med-linket. Make medical staff easier, people healthier. Accompanied by Med-linket, only for better us.


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Let’s recognize what “CE certification” is concretely

Origin of CE

The English of European Union EUROPEAN COMMUNITY is abbreviated to EC, as EUROPEAN COMMUNITY is CE for short in languages of many countries among European Community, it is why they changed EC to CE.

The significance of CE mark

CE mark indicates that the product meets a series requirements of European directives for safety, health, environmental protection, hygiene and consumer protection in Europe and it is considered a passport for manufacturers to open and enter European market.

In EU market, CE is a obligatory certified mark, no matter products produced by European Union members, or products from other countries, if you want to guarantee free circulation of your products in EU market, then it is a must to label CE logo to sell your products in EU countries and dont need to meet requirements of each member country, thereby realizing free circulation of products in EU countries.