The 27th US FIME(Florida International Medical Exhibition) was held on US time August 8th as scheduled in 2017


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As the largest medical equipment & devices professional exhibition in southeastern of America, FIME already has 27 years’ history. Nearly one thousand exhibitors & about 40,000 buyers from more than 110 countries & regions were attracted to participate this time. 


As a regular exhibitor in FIME, with the innovation experience, constant quality services & good reputation in medical equipment for more than 10 years, Shenzhen Med-link Medical Electronic Co., Ltd has a favourable behaviour among the big enterprises of this field in exhibition. 


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Med-link carried our core products: pulse SpO2 sensor series, ECG lead wires series, ECG electrodes series, NIBP cuffs series, anesthesia consumables series, hylink series etc displayed in this exhibition.

Additionally, Med-link was also with following new products shown in exhibition:

Disposable neonatal 10 leads electrode, real-time take care of newborns 

In order to meet the latest needs of constantly changing neonatal market and customers, after several years of research, Med-link finally customization-developed neonatal disposable 10 leads electrodes, it is suitable for holter ECG diagnostic equipment or equipped with ECG monitors or ECG monitoring and can fully assist medical staff to collect and transfer neonatal life signals.



Med-link ETCo2 totally meets needs of various people groups

Med-link’s ETCO2 probe is the perfect solution for clinical monitoring of respiratory carbon dioxide, it plugs and tests, and uses advanced non-dispersive infrared technology, it can measure instantaneous CO2 concentration, respiration rate, end expiration CO2 value & inhaled CO2 concentration of people. Use patented water removal technology, better to reduce the interference of water vapor so that the measurement result is more accurate.


Animal smart non-invasive sphymomanometer,  care animals a little more

Except hot selling cable assemblies such as animal temperature probe, SpO2 sensor, ECG electrode etc, we also carried our newly developed intelligent noninvasive sphygmomanometer that is suitable for animals this time. Various models & distinguished weights to meet needs of different sizes animals and scenarios, one touch accurate measurement, safe and comfortable.

As a professional manufacturer for various superior quality medical cable & assemblies, Med-link constantly leads market of medical industry with advanced equipment, innovated technology & professional talents, and publicize “made in China”  with quality warranty & superior services.

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