Pets in China emerged in the 1990s. The gradual lifting of the pet policy and the entry of foreign pet brands have opened up the career of my country’s pet industry. People already have the concept of pets, but they are still in the embryonic stage. After the 21st century, the number of pets in my country has grown rapidly. Pets have not only entered people’s daily life, but also enlightened the pet economy and started the development of related industries. Since 2010, the pet market has gradually formed an industrial chain, from upstream products to downstream services, including pet food production bases to their breeding, medical care, and beauty.


In 2019, the number of owners of pets (dogs and cats) in cities and towns nationwide reached 61.2 million, an increase of 4.72 million compared with 2018. In 2019, the number of cat owners in cities and towns nationwide was 24.51 million, and the number of dog owners was 36.69 million. The increase in cat owners exceeded that of dog owners. . In 2019, 17% of all pet owners in cities and towns have both dogs and cats. In 2019, the penetration rate of pet (dog and cat) households in cities and towns nationwide was 23%, an increase of 4% over 2018.

According to Zero Power Intelligence Group Research Institute’s “China Pet Medical Industry Competitive Analysis and Investment Strategy Research Consulting Report 2020-2025″

With the development of the times, pets enter more and more families. It is reported that Beijing spends more than 500 million yuan on pets each year, while Shanghai spends more than 600 million yuan on pets. In 2003, there were about 30 million pet dogs in China, about 75 million in 2009, and the number of pet dogs in 2013. Soaring to about 150 million, the pet dog alone has increased by 500% in ten years. This shows that pets are playing an increasingly important role in our lives, and the pet industry will be a big piece of delicious market cake.



Pet food, pet toys, pet grooming and other industries are rising rapidly. With the influx of entrepreneurs, the market will become saturated and fierce competition will form. At present, the pet industry that has huge development potential and huge market profits should be the pet medical industry. Due to increased pollution of the environment, air, and food, coupled with the anthropomorphic high standard of living of pets, pet “riches and honour diseases” appear more and more, and the demand for professional pet medical treatment and pet disease detection is rising rapidly.


In the pet industry, Medlinket’s pet testing equipment accessories are the main domestic pet testing R&D and production enterprises.

Experts say that the pet industry has become a new sunrise industry. The domestic pet medical market is promising, such as animal sphygmomanometers, pet pulse oximeters, and consumables such as blood oxygen, temperature, and blood pressure probes, as well as ECG lead wires and electrodes. Medlinket Medical takes “professional collection and transmission of vital signals” as its purpose, focusing on the research and development and innovation of medical monitoring consumables. While Medlinket has successfully developed blood pressure monitors and other products, it has also successfully developed pet-specific consumables such as blood oxygen, temperature and blood pressure probes, which can effectively screen pet diseases and achieve early detection and early treatment.


Professional media reported that it is impossible for doctors to understand the condition of pets by communicating with them through words. Therefore, equipment has become an important tool. For small animals, weak pulse measurement is inaccurate, and the measurement fails due to trembling and restlessness of the animal. It is necessary to shave to accurately measure the blood pressure of the animal. Medlinket pet sphygmomanometer adopts self-developed technology and leading processing algorithm, which can easily and quickly test the blood pressure of animals of different sizes. Let pets do not need anaesthetics or shave to avoid fright. Let the animal quickly enter the test state. Medlinket pet sphygmomanometer one-button operation, intelligent silent pressure, provides doctors with efficient and convenient blood pressure testing equipment. The Medlinket handheld oximeter has the characteristics of accurate response, helping you to find the condition early, and the large 5-inch display screen makes monitoring easier.


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