According to the “Notice of the General Office of the State Council on the 2019 Holiday Arrangement”, in conjunction with the actual situation of our company, the Spring Festival holiday is now arranged as follows:

  The vacation time

  On 1 February 2019 solstice on February 11, 11 days vacation.At the beginning of February 12 formally to work.


  1. All departments are required to properly allocate annual leave and leave to ensure the normal operation of the department before and after the Spring Festival holiday.

  2. All departments arrange their own hygiene and cleanliness to ensure that doors, windows, water and electricity are closed.

  3. During the holiday period, the department managers are responsible for the safety of personnel and property in all departments.

  4. All departments and each employee must complete all the tasks and tasks that should be completed before the holiday, and reasonable work arrangements.

  5. Before the holiday, all departments will carry out comprehensive 5S work in their respective areas of responsibility, ensure the orderly arrangement of environmental sanitation and articles in the area, and close water, electricity, doors and windows.

  6. The Personnel Administration Department will organize the heads of various departments to set up an inspection team to conduct joint inspections on the plant area, focus on the investigation of potential safety hazards, and post seals after the inspection.

  7. Employees should pay attention to personal and property safety when they go out to play and visit friends.

  8. If there is an accident during the holiday, emergency contact number: emergency call: alarm 110, fire 119, medical rescue 120, traffic accident alarm 122.

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