The most admirable doctor shoulders the storm.

Fight the epidemic together!


At the critical moment of the global pandemic

Many medical professionals and grassroots workers

have been fighting against the epidemic

on the front line of the epidemic

Day and night to stand by the epidemic

Working together to protect our beautiful home

In mid to late July, the outbreak at Nanjing Lukou Airport was triggered by a Delta mutant strain, which spread quickly and took a long time to turn, making the outbreak spread to other cities in the province or outside the province. The State Council’s Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism Integrated Group has sent working groups to Nanjing, Jiangsu and Zhangjiajie, Hunan to guide the disposal of the outbreak and medical treatment.

Donation of materials with love

Medlinket Medical acted quickly and coordinated with multiple resources to donate a batch of temperature pulse, blood pressure meter, arm blood pressure meter, medical infrared thermometer, cuff protector to Nanjing (Jiangsu Provincial People’s Hospital, Nanjing Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nanjing Gulou Hospital), Yangzhou Third People’s Hospital, the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, Changsha First Hospital and Zhuzhou Central Hospital in Jiangsu Province. Oximeter, arm blood pressure meter, medical infrared thermometer, cuff protection cover and other epidemic prevention materials to help the epidemic prevention and control work.


In the afternoon of August 11, a box of epidemic prevention materials labeled with the blessing of “the most admirable doctor shoulders wind and rain, fighting the epidemic together to drain liver and guts” was loaded and left.

Helping to prevent and control the epidemic

Medlinket Medical donated temperature and pulse oximeters, arm blood pressure monitors, ear thermometers and cuff protectors, all of which meet national medical standards. The temperature and pulse oximeters can non-invasively detect human arterial oxygen saturation, pulse rate and body temperature, and can be used for suspected cases and screening of patients with minor illnesses, and are clinically used in emergency, cardiac surgery, neurosurgery and intensive care units, as well as at home. Blood oxygen temperature monitoring; arm blood pressure meter can be used for blood pressure detection before vaccination of new crown vaccine; medical infrared thermometer can be used for basic temperature prevention screening, but also to measure the human ear cavity temperature; cuff protection sleeve specifically for the operating room, ICU use reusable blood pressure cuff, effectively prevent the outside blood, medicine, dust and other substances dirty repetitive blood pressure cuff, while effectively protecting the cuff and the patient’s arm between cross-infection between the cuff and the patient’s arm.


These basic medical equipment supplies can be used exclusively by patients in the hospital, effectively reducing cross-infection caused by medical equipment supplies, reducing the workload of doctors, improving work efficiency, reducing the risk of epidemic transmission, and increasing protection for staff and citizens on the front line of the epidemic to protect health together. In an epidemic, nosocomial infections are very dangerous and can make a hospital a “super amplifier” with more serious consequences.


Tiding over the difficulties together

Medlinket Medical’s mission has always been to “make medicine easier and people healthier”. Our main business is the research, development, production and sales of vital signs monitoring instruments and consumables, and we are committed to providing cost-effective active consumables for anesthesia surgery and ICU.


With outstanding product advantages, Medlinket’s products and solutions are used in more than 90 countries and regions around the world, and many products have been approved by NMPA (China), FDA (USA), CE (EU), ANVISA (Brazil) and other medical devices, with customers covering Asia, Europe, North America, Latin America and Africa. The company has established cooperative relationships with many of the top ten medical device companies in the world. In China, there are more than 100 Grade A hospitals using Meilian products.


The epidemic has no mercy and people have mercy, so we work together to tide over the difficulties. In the face of the pneumonia epidemic against the new coronavirus infection, Medlinket Medical has fully demonstrated its determination to win the epidemic battle with firm confidence and active participation, reflecting the commitment and dedication of the company and showing us the strong social force to overcome the epidemic, and we believe that with our joint efforts, we will be able to win this war without smoke and mirrors as soon as possible!


The heavy responsibility is on our shoulders, “the epidemic” is going forward

Now the epidemic is still going on

But we have reasons to believe

With your fearless perseverance on the front line

Good news will surely come soon!