Decreased balanceis the leading cause of falls in the elderly the main reason


According to a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 18,000 deaths and nearly 450,000 hospitalizations due to falls occur each year among people over 65 in the U.S. Most falls are caused by a decline in this complex and multidimensional human ability called “balance.

Data published by our Health Care Commission shows that falls are also the leading cause of injury deaths among people over 65 years old in China.

How can we be the first to know when an elderly person at home falls? How can we prevent it and implement timely treatment?

Maxim’s fall alarm replaces you and gives parents 24/7 protection

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Automatic fall alarm and live voice help

 When the detection of the elderly fall, automatically start voice help and low light strobe light, and telecontact emergency contacts for help.

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One key SOS emergency call for help

Seek help anytime, anywhere

In case of sudden illness and other emergencies, long press the SOS key to start the sound and light alarm and automatically dial the preset affinity number, and then press the SOS button to cancel all calls for help by default.

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Two-way call function, affection wireless connection

Long press the SOS key to dial the affection number, the product can also be connected to the children call. Children’s filial piety, the elderly can hear.

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LBS/GPS real-time positioning, prevent lost

GPS + LBS base station real-time positioning, check the location of the elderly at any time and anywhere, no longer worry about the elderly lost.


Exercise pedometer for healthier activity

Wearing a fall alarm will record the number of steps, distance, speed, and calculate calorie consumption, and the data will be automatically uploaded to the APP, so that your children can understand their daily activities.


Alarm clock, sedentary intelligent reminders

As attentive as children

Children can set the alarm clock and sedentary time on the APP to remind parents when it’s time to do something.


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External medical devices

Multi-dimensional attention to health

Bluetooth connection to Maxim’s other medical devices, such as blood pressure meter, ear thermometer, etc., measurement data automatically uploaded to APP, children can remotely view their parents’ health assessment report.

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Automatic voice chime, more intelligent and intimate

Click on the call button, the fall alarm that automatic voice chime, to solve the elderly forget the time, presbyopia efforts to look at the embarrassment of the watch.

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Maxim fall alarm, the elderly fall in also do not worry, always accompany, give parents all-weather guardian!



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