May 15, 2017,the 77th China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) (Spring) opened in Shanghai. Med-linket carries fully new upgraded products HyLink series, neonatal series & anesthesia consumables series of medical sensors and cable accessories, mobile health products etc to debut on exhibition. It displays our leading  quality in mobile medical equipment field from all aspects.

 ”Smart Health Zone” is fully new launched on this exhibition, which covers 8 categories: artificial intelligence (AI), robot, mobile and remote medical, virtual reality, large data and Internet of things, personalized medical equipment, wearable equipment and 3D printing etc.

Med-linket complies with the development of the industry market, standing in the front of medical equipment field, and launched sensors with wider compatibility through the world’s exclusive bundled patented technology; lead wires with better transmission effect; sensors can be soaked and more convenient to clean and disinfect; cables with strengthening antisepsis effect to provide better solutions for medical institutions and medical staff.

In addition, this fair also gathered international enterprises from 28 countries and regions, it makes exhibitors experienced the world’s leading medical equipment quality, Med-linket expands people’s imagination at the same time again, attracting a lot of foreign exhibition groups at the first day.

For the brand Medxing under Med-linket medical, which launched a set of health care products that gathering medical monitoring, cloud data storage and sharing in one - Medxing smart infrared ear thermometer, Medxing fingertip oximeter, Medxing smart watches, Medxing management suits etc., also attracts a lot of attention in this fair.

As a provider for full set of mobile health management solution, Med-linket relies on national strategies such as Healthy China, Internet of Things, Smart Medical etc these years, viewing medical environment, constantly creating high quality medical equipment which is convenient for medical staff and also providing more personalized mobile smart health management solutions for chronic diseases at the same time.

Attentive connection of life care, make medical staff easier and people healthier, we keep trying to be better.