AM801 Pulse Oximeter(Bluetooth)

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Product Tags

(1)Listening to “fingertips” heartbeat, feeling remote care

(2)Small And Exquisite, Convenient To Carry

(3)SpO2 & Heart Rate, 1 Key Measuring

(4)Beyond The Limit, Automatic Alarm

(5)Smart Bluetooth, APP Service

(6)LCD Display, Clear & Easy To Understand

(7)Automatic Power Off, Low Power Consumption Battery Life

SpO2 Measuring    Heart Rate Monitoring         Automatic Alarm    

LCD Display           8s Automatic Power Off      Bluetooth Transmission

Basic Parameters

Display Screen LCD IP Protection Class IPX2
Page Display SpO2, Pulse Rate, Pulse Rate Wave, Pulse Amplitude Intensity, Power Display Automatic Alarm Situation SpO2 Value <90;Pulse Rate<50 or >120;ƒ SpO2<90, Pulse Rate<50 or >120  
Weight/Size 31.5g,L*W*H:61*34*30.5(mm) Measuring Display Unit SpO2: 1%, Pulse: 1bpm
Measuring Range SpO2: 35-99%Pulse Rate: 30-250bpm Measuring Accuracy SpO2: 70%-99%, ±3%;Pulse Rate: ±3bpm